ISRAEL - RECLAIMING THE NARRATIVE is an indispensable guide  to why Israel is under attack by those promoting a false narrative and  dangerous agenda against the Jewish state.The book exposes the real intent of those who hide their  violent ambitions behind a cloak of human rights and liberties as they seek to  deny those values to Israel and Israelis.
The book lists the; history of distress caused by Arab  and Palestinian leaders to their own people while blaming Israel for their  woes.It details the official indoctrination within Palestinian  society that rejects a peaceful "Two States for Two Peoples"  solution, promotes a fantasy history, glorifies terrorism, and  rejects all hope of a pragmatic resolution to the conflict.
ISRAEL - RECLAIMING THE NARRATIVE attacks the Palestinian  activists whose world view does not allow for reconciliation. It exposes their  attack against Western values of free speech and academic freedoms and how it endangers civil liberties. It highlights their deception of language that  appeals and seduces mainstream society while hacking away at the freedoms and  liberties that they espouse for their cause.
ISRAEL - RECLAIMING THE NARRATIVE call upon notable voices,  including Booker Prize winner Howard Jacobson and Melanie Phillips, who  eloquently challenge those who employ boycotts, including academic boycotts, to  further their political objectives. They ring the warning bell for open  societies to protect themselves against the dark forces that infiltrate via  academia, the media, trades unions, and religious groups to further their aims  that leave free societies damaged in their wake.
ISRAEL - RECLAIMING THE NARRATIVE gives a personal account  of the tide of events and describes how Israeli society is affected and is  changed by the ongoing campaign against the Jewish state.
The book details the conflict within the Christian world  that is split over the Israel-Palestinian issue. The author points to a  replacement theology that brings many Christian leaders into an unholy alliance with Islamists against Israel while  millions are bonded with the Jewish state as Christian Zionists.
ISRAEL - RECLAIMING THE NARRATIVE is a prosecution against  those who promote a malevolent and false campaign against Israel. It calls on  leading witnesses to state the case against those who demonise and delegitimise  the one true democratic state in the Middle East where freedom rings loud and  clear and where human rights are valued and preserved as in no other regime in  the region.